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United In Vision, Mission and Practice
Collaborative Pragmatic Cohesion Sustainable Developments

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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

( Frequently Asked Questions )

Who's Right, Who's Wrong?  


The Mamadomia Name is created from the conceptualisation of the factual cognitive perception that our planet is our Mother Earth and People's Domain. In short - MamaDomia

I am, You are – We are all Children of the World  
The Earth Is our Mama and our Domain  
In short Mamadomia represent sustainability concept in coherent consensus.

Why The Mamadomia Org Main Page is Upside-down?

To distract, confuse and keep away idiots, time consumers and content thieves from our e-brochure info website.

When the Mamadomia Net will be open to public?

When over 61% or more of the open real time Mamadomia TransTelematics functionality and integration testing is satisfactory completed. ( Protecting our members, sponsors, supporters and fans intellectual properties, privacy and securities matters. )

Other Questions?

Just ask us? ( In the future will be launched standard FQA wiki )

Why Early Sustainability Development

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and advance, is a prudent pragmatic directive widely set in majority Mamadomia eco-health source and core projects and initiatives.

Why Early Child Development

Every child matters and should be given a chance to sustainably thrive!

Raising and educating eco-healthy children is a complex, difficult and very responsible task. Early childhood (0-3 years) is the most intensive period in the development of human life, during which basic skills are formed - physical, intellectual, cognitive, social, emotional etc. Positive emotional intelligence communication and eco friendly environmental connection with parents, relatives and society is of utmost importance for children from an very early age.

WHAT IS A*++ Open Sustainability Project ?

Mamadomia A*++ Open Sustainability Project is the global open sustainability development platform where you can share a little and change the world for the better, in your very own way. We ignite modern day society to share just 60 seconds of their idle time and support smart ideas from creative people from all over the world . We do this in a new, open way, believing in the power of collaboration boosted by today’s technical possibilities. If we all share a little time, we can change the world.

WHAT IS THE DREAM OF A*++ Smile Thrive Project Buzz?

A*++ 60 sec. Smile Thrive TransTelematics Project vision wants to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to work together to realise thousands of smart sustainability ideas that will improve the lives of millions of people and environment.

WHY A*++?

Because it all starts with just one moment of 60sec. A*** ++ click-flick rise up time trend. We are the place to be for people who want to share the sustainability A*++ of their real time sustainable socio-economic and environmental skills, knowledge and time and become truly and equally involved in innovative social change. We strive to make international cooperation fun and personal by focusing on the positive side of the sustainability and creativity. We see possibilities where others see problems. We see people with ideas, talents and abilities, instead of people in need. We don’t pity, we enable. We don’t help, we ignite. If we all share a little, we can change the world for the better.


The Internet and smart phones apps allows us to share information in real time and reach people more quickly and effectively than ever before. We take advantage of these possibilities to set up efficient, international long-term collaborations to solve global sustainability problems. True international humanitarian cooperation is connecting people, organisations and activist who want to improve their lives but don't have the resources to do so with people who want to help but don’t know how to help and where to start. We do this in a new, open source and core way, believing in the power of innovative co-collaboration boosted by today’s technical possibilities sustainability trends. We call it beneficiary activism for the 21st century.


Three easy steps that are fun to remember (and tell your friends):

1. FIND A PROJECT THAT MAKES YOUR SMILE THRIVE - A project that YOU SAY “YES", That's for me. ” 

Hello I can't find my project of interest. That is just great.
For new project initiative you will first need to share with us your idea and decide who to involve in planning your idea for a project. This depends on your preferred approach and individual creative capacity as well as on project sustainability and progress ability. See Mamadomia Group best practice recommendations.

If you are going to need the support of others to deliver the project or to help you network in the community (either the whole community, or individuals within it) then getting them to input and help shape your idea for a project may foster more support for the project in the future.

When asking others for their input it is vital that you listen. Wherever it makes sense to the overall aim of the project, you should integrate others' feedback in your planning so they can see their input was valued.

Mamadomia Children Fund | Experimental | Eco schools | Research | Education | Practices Children Vessel projects

Venture volunteers | Hobby volunteers | Hobby activist | Hobby creativist | joint venture projects open opportunity.


It’s very simple. Just start by registering you interest. The rest is easy!

What is Mamadomia Group - Global Meaningful Voluntarism (GMV)?
Twenty-first century volunteering is no longer limited to charities or NPO NGO funded organisations. The Global Meaningful Volunteers programme (GMV) is the Mamadomia Group International Meaningful Voluntarism international joint venture project that combines public, private sector and independent contributes to humanity health and environment and ecosystems sustainability developments through meaningful voluntarism worldwide.

Global Meaningful Volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges, and it can transform the eco-health and nature of development. Meaningful Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.

What is GMV's mission?
Volunteering brings benefits to both society at large and the individual volunteer. It makes important contributions, economically as well as socially. It contributes to a more eco-health cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens and organisations.

The Mamadomia Global Meaningful Volunteers (GMV) programme is not for profit NPO-NGO project that supports sustainable human and environment development globally through the promotion of meamingful volunteerism, including the mobilization of volunteers. It serves the causes of open eco-health peace and development by enhancing opportunities for participation by all peoples. It is universal, inclusive and embraces volunteer action in all its diversity. It values free will, commitment, engagement and solidarity, which are the foundations of volunteerism.

What are the benefits of meamingful volunteering? You'll broaden your own eco-health knowledge, expand your leadership skills, and grow your eco-health network of colleagues and friends. Plus, you'll have an added sense of accomplishment knowing you've contributed to the success and future of your personal development, human health and life sustainability on the mother earth.

How much time will it take? No matter how busy you are there are ways to participate. You choose the extent of your involvement depending on the time you have to give and your areas of interest.

How are volunteers selected? Calls for volunteers go out most often via Mamadomia Human Resources Hub. Board members and staff work together to establish strategic priorities for the association, and then recruit meaningful volunteers to accomplish the work of the association.

How do I find the right opportunity for me? There are many ways you can share your talents, knowledge and expertise. To identify the opportunity that's right for you, begin by checking and matching your talents, expertise and skills with our Volunteer Opportunities.

Draft Content


a. I need information before registering

Am I eligible to register?

Is there an age limit for Global Volunteers?

I am not yet 25 but I am very motivated. Can I contribute to your programme?

Can I volunteer during my holidays?

How do I register?

How can I make sure that I receive your emails?

Will I be asked to upload my CV during the registration process?

Should I submit my registration in all the languages I am fluent in?

Are Global Meamingful Volunteers staff of the Mamadomia Alliance?

Do Mamadomia Volunteers receive any financial and/or other benefits?

How long does it take to be assigned as a Global Volunteer Program?

How long are GMV assignments?

Does Mamadomia Alliance publish a list of GMV assignments?

Can I serve together with my partner?

Can I be accompanied by my family?

Can I choose the duty station I am interested to serve in?

Can I volunteer in my own country, region, city or village ? 

b. I have created a GMV volunteer account and have some questions

I have received a message asking me to verify my email address, what should I do?
I have created an account but have not received any email from GMV, what should I do?

My password to continue the registration does not work.
I cannot access MyProfile.
I would like to correct my name/ my gender/ my date of birth.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
Should I send my CV in addition to registering online?
Can I register more than once in the GMV database of candidates?

How long will my profile remain in the GMV database?
Since I have registered in the UNV database, I have not had any news from GMV, why?
As my registration in the database of candidates does not guarantee a GMV assignment, 
is there any way I can start contributing to peace and development worldwide beyond
 a Eco-Health GMV assignment?

I want to stay informed about any changes related to the UNV database of candidates. 
What is the best source of information?

Who selects my profile for a UNV assignment?
What happens if I am temporarily unavailable for UNV assignments?
I was contacted/called for a UNV assignment. What happens next? 

c. I need more information before I take my assignment    

What is eco-health meaningful volunteerism?  

What is interdependence of Eco-Health?

What is a Eco-Health Open Citizens Initiative ?

Who is organising this?

Why are you organising this?

Who can participate?

Why should I get involve ?

Who are the organisations behind the initiative ?

Where can I join the group?

When can I start?

What is the Human right to clean air and water? What does it mean?

Why is the human right to clean air, water and sanitation important?

Does the human right to clean air and water help the poor and people that 
are not connected to a pollution free eco-zone system? 

Do you exclude private companies?

Who is coordinating this Initiative?

What can I do to support this?

We are seeking meaningful volunteers to join our team as strategic management roles, devers variety of organisers, designers and experienced developers. We are looking for the right people to grow and flourish with us. Is that you?

This document will be updated periodically as other questions are raised regarding Mamadomia Global Meaningful Voluntarism Developments Mamadomia Pty Ltd Group Dedicated Website HOME       About Mamadomia Group ABOUT   Healingdom Mamadomia Events EVENTS       Healingdom Mamadomia Pty Ltd projects PROJECTS       Healingdom Mamadomia  Pty Ltd products PRODUCTS       Healingdom Mamadomia Pty Ltd services SERVICES       Healingdom Mamadomia Pty Ltd public relations PUBLICATIONS   Healingdom Mamadomia Pty Ltd public relations RELATIONS   Mamadomia Australia Public Foundation CONTACT   Healingdom org Mamadomia Pty Ltd Open Eco-health Group Foundation

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Security Matters
In order to protect our intellectual, source and core business rights and properties. Mamadomia Global Group will continue  appealing but not revealing its strategic business matters until the organisation security policy is attained as constituted.

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