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Challenging the known and
embracing the unknown.

for more and better values, life and progress.

Because it is important.
Because now is the time to move forward.
Because doing good for the common-good matters.



Enhancing Life, Advancing Health, Bridging Innovation

GOODIYI projects are designed to disseminate a wide spectrum of knowledge and views of topic including Eco, Sciences and Health, Creativity and Innovation,Business and Humanities, Education and Arts, ...

Global projects | Regional projects | Local projects | Joint projects

Open Source and Core Projects - Advancing Sustainability Progress
Enhancing Children, Talents, Young Leadership And Wise.

Mamadomia Open Sustainability Development Group was founded on the premise that good ideas, innovation and deeds come any time from everywhere.

That's why we are working hand in hand with individual people, activist, clubs and groups, the private sector, NPOs and NGOs, foundations, universities, and democratic governments.

Global Open Partnership Project Initiatives

The Mamadomia Group Global Partnership Initiative is the entry point for collaboration between NGOs, the public and private sectors, and civil societies. Launched with aims to strengthen and deepen Mamadomia Group partnership relations and project development around the world through partnerships that leverage the creativity, innovation, and core sustainability business resources of partners for greater impact.

Open Project Hosting

Open Project Hosting means cohering the interests and sharing ideas, talents, abilities, skills and culture within co-collaborative hospitality with an international visitors, developers, students, scholars, professional people and business teams.

There are a wide variety of open hosting opportunities to expand your world by participating in term hosting options like: Initiating global hosting dialogues, open events and projects to inviting privately an international visitor to your private home for a family meal or barbecue party, to providing a place to stay during a week-long program initiatives to a seminar or course time.

Long Term Collaborative Project, Programs And Initiatives

Mamadomia Joint Venture Group Sustainable Development Projects refers to a mode of sustainable development projects in which resource efficiency in use aims to meet human needs while ensuring the sustainability of natural systems, social , economic and environmental coherence, so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for eco-healthy children and future generations to come.

Mamadomia Group project targets are set to multi-stakeholder cooperation engaging collaborative multicultural multilateralism and dynamic interdependence of cooperating nations, private sector, research and not for profit organisations (NPO, NGO's) in the search for a sustainable development pragmatic solutions and coherent paths. ( creative brainstorming, scientific discussions, passionate sustainability dialogues etc... )

Social and Economic Projects within Environmental Sustainable Developments

Zero Stunted Children
Zero child abuse and exploitation
Open Education is For Everyone
Children poverty eradication should remain the most important Sustainable Development Goal.

Mamadomia Children Mutual Fund   Socially Responsible Investing Projects incorporating social and economic venture criteria, also known as sustainable socially conscious, ( green children fund ) or Our Common Future eco-healthy ethical cognitive investing fund, is Mamadomia Children Fund strategic project sustainable investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social good within eco-friendly sustainable environmental development.

In order to achieve our Mamadomia Children Fund strategic objectives as Open Healing Eco-Health Sustainable NGO Group we are increasingly pro-acting strategically about associating with socially responsible investing global phenomenon, and partnering with global and local businesses, economic and financial organisations, trade in services and health associations to create shared social and social market economy added value solutions for sustainable environmental common future.

Mamadomia Group social venture responsible investing Children Mutural Fund is one of several related project concepts and approaches that influence and, in some cases will govern, how Mamadomia Group asset managers invest portfolios. In general, Mamadomia Children Fund will encourage corporate and NGO practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights, and diversity.

While urgent boost of investments in resource efficiency and finding alternative resources substituting fossil fuels, metals and minerals that are critical for sustainable economic growth are crucial.

Open Education is For Everyone

Environmental and Economics Projects within Social Sustainable Developments

Green Sustainable Economy

Zero loss or waste of water, food and energy vital resources.
Exponential progress of eco-friendly innovation advancement.
Linear growth of eco-friendly economy efficient venture enterprises.

Green business and early childhood education for environmental and economic sustainability advancement, is Mamadomia Group core directive acting as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment and resources.

Needs Yes, Waste Not, and Less Caprice-Wants escalations.
Every year, we waste or lose 1.3 billion metric tons of food = one-third of the world's annual food production. For waste of water there is not even reasonable compliance.

Wile providing project initiatives in support for collaborative leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling cultures, organisations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations to sustain and advance.

Trade in Services Eco-Economic Social Ventures, Eco-Healthy Schools Camps and Research Labs Projects are all set within cooperating and partnering with eco-business to accelerate shared and added values 21st Century Eco-Health Socio-Economic Cohesion Sustainable Pragmatic Enterprises, while NPO's, NGO's and other not for profit organisations, proactive investors, developers, researchers. educators, innovators etc... Collaborate and Cooperate to Grow, Innovate to Benefit and Trade to Thrive and Prosper.

Social and Environmental Projects within Economic Sustainable Developments

Mamadomia Group praise: 100% access to adequate air, water and food for children and youth all year round, as strategic and enduring need of sustainable development global and local advance.

Early Childhood Health and Learning, Social Eco-Health Venture co-collaborative research and education, and involvement in emergency assistance in response to disasters is a Mamadomia Group major component of many projects and program developments.

Mamadomia socio-environmental sustainability projects are concern with the formal and informal processes. Such as social eco-healthy systems and cultural diversity structures; and eco-health relationships that actively support the enhancing capacity of current children and future generations to create eco-healthy and friendly liveable multicultural communities with sustainable economic beneficiary formations.

Where the socio-environmental and economical sustainable eco-communities are equitable profitable and economic beneficiary, multicultural and diverse, socially connected in democratic way that provide a good quality of life at eco-healthy economic efficiency and eco-friendly pragmatic benefits. The Mamadomia Sustainable Human Development Projects that can be seen as development that promotes the capabilities of present people while advancing capabilities of the future generations.

All children-victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to the Human Rights Council as a forum and a springboard for action.

Corrupt company, government, and institutions officials and individual will be held accountable for their destructive irresponsible actions. People will better understand that actions have repercussions and that planning and foresight coupled with hard work, collaboration and flexibility can overcome almost any sustainability problem encountered.

Exchange Programs ( menu under development )

Exchange Experience

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    Adjusting to a New Culture
    Program Spotlights

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    Getting There
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Mamadomia Group 
21st century eco-health prudent orientation and project approach programs enhancing        
and enriching the health of people and the environment, focused on developmants and 
research carried out using ecosystem approaches to human health, turning its attention 
to global issues such as emerging infectious diseases and comprehensive innovation. 

Mamadomia NGOs are improving their impact with companies across the three forms of 
shared value prudent mindset:   

Conceiving eco-health trade in services, products and social market economy solutions:
Pro-defining eco-productivity distributions in the added value chains:
Building more locally connected - globally distributed trade clusters: 

This marks the Mamadomia Group trend toward three-way shared value added partnerships,
NGOs, businesses, shareholders and donors - coming together to solve a socio-economic 
problems at pragmatic scale such as; 

Cooperation across Economic Challenges

- Green Design and Eco-Engineering  
- Pollution Prevention 
- Industrial Ecology Innovation 
- Sustainable Development
- Agriculture for better health 

Collaboration across Health Challenges 

Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Hazardous Wastes 
Child malnutrition, degraded soils, and food insecurity are all problems there.
Eco-health research explores here the relationship between the health of children, 
socio-economy, and the quality and functioning of the geo-ecosystems. 

Global Warming Challenges and impact on children's health   
Fossil Fuels CO2 Emissions Reductions  
Improved Automotive Fuel Economy and Alternative Fuels for Transportation

Cohesion across Human Rights Challenges 

- Keeping children free from violence and exploitation.
- Children's right for eco-friendly enviroment.
- Children's right to sustainable future.  

That the United Nations and Partners want to hear from YOU!  

Such a multi-tier relations is a three-tier level model of projects, developments and programs 
that should be carried out within a sufficient time-frame solutions to allow ecosystems to adapt 
naturally to climate change, to ensure that food production is not threatened and to enable 
economic development to proceed in a sustainable social manner. The Eco-Health research 
brings together people with different skills, interests, understandings, roles, power, and 
responsibilities to tackle complex problems.  


Mamadomia trade in services smile development

We believe that nurturing and caring for children and enviroment are 
the cornerstones of human progress and advance the cause of humanity. 

The Mamadomia Children's Trust Fund of APEC/WTO/HWO primary goal is to 
support sustainable human and environmental health, socioeconomic growth 
and the eco-health prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region within APEC/WTO 
Asia-Pacific forum.  

Eco-Healthy Children can advance talent and creative-thinking, science, maths 
and problem solving skills and cumulate eco-health knowledge as they explore, 
discover and learn in real time practice within eco friendly environment.


Mamadomia trade in services smile development

In recognition of the importance of 21st Century Eco-Health Education for 
Sustainable Development, the Mamadomia groundwork has been laid for 
sustainability developments of research and education worldwide.   


Mamadomia trade in services smile development

We are united in our drive to build a dynamic and harmonious Eco-Health 
trade in services global community by championing free and open trade and 
investment, promoting and accelerating regional eco-health integration, 
encouraging education, innovation and economic technical cooperation, 
enhancing human and environmental security, by facilitating a favourable and 
sustainable multicultural business environment. 


Mamadomia trade in services smile development

21st Century ProActive Meaningful Volunteerism 
Collaborate to grow, Unite and Share to Prosper 

The 60 Sec. Smile Thrive Project



Meaningful Volunteerism :) Mamadomia green business services  


For The Benefit of Humanity Health and Life Sustainability on Earth.

Just 60 sec. - Simple Thrive Time
Real Time TransTelematics Smile Flicks Contributions 

The 60 Seconds Smile Time Thrive Project is a innovative real time TransTelematics   
eco-health innovative project, designed to reach wide variety of ICT users world wide. 


Mamadomia Foundation 
Global Children's Trust Fund of APEC  
One Health - Ecology And Health Sustainability Projects 
Collaborative Eco-Health Pragmatic Cohesion Reserch and Development that aims to advance 
research in practice, inovation and knowledge to action integration at the interface of 
ecology and health by international free trade in services Eco-Health TransTelematics systems.   

Transcultural Multidisciplinary Eco-Health Education

In 21st Century Learning, children, youth and students will use educational technologies to apply knowledge to new situations, analyze information, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. Utilizing emerging technologies to provide eco-health expanded learning opportunities is critical to the success of future generations .

Advancing options and improving international choice for young people talents utilisation will help to improve global economy, humanity health and global environmental sustainability as well student completion and achievement.

Mamadomia Group International is is aiming to be one of the driving forces behind the need to infuse 21st Century Eco-Health knowledge and Skills into education. One key current scientific idea, emerging from research into what are described as complex eco-health adaptive systems, is that human learning is the leading edge of the evolutionary process. This suggests that a concern for learning is likely to become central to our concepts of social development and this will accelerate the transformation of what has been known as the school into a more responsive educational environment.

Although it is said that education is the most conservative social institution, the last to change in response to a new emerging world of thought and practice, recent technology, economy and cognitive science developments pose major educational challenges and Eco-health Consciousness will be a central problems in the emerging development of the 21st century economy and society.

Dramatic advances in scientific research and technologies are moving cognitive scientists towards an unprecedented knowledge of our brain, body and environment and its learning functions. This has led to an intense interest in the development of a comprehensive multidisciplinary learning methodology that will be of the scientific magnitude of E=MC2, in that it will spark a revolution in the cognitive education analogous to the revolution in physics that Einsteinís theories sparked. The eco-health researchers who develops the theory in practice will immediately join the ranks of the great pioneers.

Mamadomia cognitive cohesion learning methodology with technology-enhanced learning that is both online at home and in the classroom as an effective approach to enhance education.

Mamadomia Group - Projects Fusion

Health Promotion And Education
Global Eco-Schools Developments
Open Healing Eco-Health Academy
Open Healing Eco-Health Land (Pollution Free Liveable Zones )
Eco-Health Trade in Services TransTelematics Alliance
NPO-NGO Eco-Health Reporters Beyond Borders
Meaningful Eco-Health Voluntarism

Eco-Health TransTelematics Experimental Innovation Project

Contribute just 1 minute of time - One minute for meaningful time !
Within in the coming months we will address the global eco-health project development in details and we need your help in the process! We are looking for more and more people interested in contributing meaningful time to the project. We welcome all contributions so if you are interested in helping out evolve the project please contribute whatever skilful time you can! We encourage everyone to contribute time to distribute the Mamadomia Appeal on the suitable social networks and forums, however, we realise that may not be possible in all cases. So, if you find innovative way, like new social network features, different languages, multimedia ideas etc..., please improvise and go ahead.
Visit the project page soon for information on how to get started.

Eco-Health Research, Knowledge Green Education and Training
Supporting Eco-Health Exchange and Transformation
Developing Eco-Health Compatibility International Standards

Multidisciplinary green research, eco education, innovation and creative project developments in practice.

  • Eco-Health friendly schools, camps, training grounds, multidisciplinary methodologies and initiations for

    • Children natural talents recognition and genetic ability developments from the time of initial conception up to the age of 3.
    • Youth from the age of 18 up to 24, new millennium young leadership developments.
    • Equipping the 21st century world with superbrain coherent young leadership fusion teams

  • Eco-Health friendly research labs, stations, experimental grounds and development utalizations

    • Innovative research labs
    • Communicational stations
    • Experimental grounds

  • Eco-Health friendly exhibitions, fairs and innovation shows development

    • International exhibitions
    • Regional fairs
    • Local shows

  • Rare eco-minerals and asteroids not for profit

    • Discovery, Research and Innovation
    • Eco-prospecting and exploration
    • Potential eco-mining initiations

  • Eco-Health TransTelematics not for profit

    • Research
    • Innovation
    • Networking

Eco-Health Security and Sustainability Projects

Sustainable development of correlation, coherence and synergy between the environment, human health and security.

  • Sustainable knowledge exchange initiations

    • Core innovative ideas that will lead to new ways of eco-health comprehension
    • Shaping the future of participatory eco-health social problem solving
    • Children and young entrepreneurship teams developments

  • Sustainable experience exchange utalizations

    • Growing native fruit trees for new born children
    • Multicultural eco-health innivative and creative experience exchange
    • Multicultural eco-health procreational experience exchange

  • Innovative security agreements development

    • Global eco-health security monitoring
    • Regional eco-health security monitoring
    • Local eco-health security monitoring

Eco-Health and Climate Adaptation Projects

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Security Matters
In order to protect our intellectual, source and core business rights and properties. Mamadomia Global Group will continue  appealing but not revealing its strategic business matters until the organisation security policy is attained as constituted.

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