Mamadomia Group Appeal Hello World, This is us.
We need your support, assistance and help.

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United In Vision, Mission and Practice
Collaborative Pragmatic Cohesion Sustainable Developments

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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Sustainable Developments
for a better world thrive and :)



Enhancing Children, Advancing Talents, Bridging Youths And Wise

Hello World,

Let's now together
Advance health and education,
Open global free markets relations and
Fusing eco-health long term developments for a better world and peace.

Mamadomia Org is the place where you can share a little and change the world for the better, in your very own way.

Support us. This is our common sustainable future for generations to come.
Assist us. People with talents, open minds, courage and passion can advance the world for the better.

Exceptional lifetime opportunity for and of good deeds. Eco Touring Australia Fund-Raising Event 2014 Up....

Do you want to acquire more experience and learn new skills?
Meet new people and cultures? See more places? Learn more?
Know more? Or put your talents, skills and abilities for a good use?
Or just want to try out something new? Something challenging?

In Mamadomia Creative Group we have a far-reaching policy that will see culture and creativity play a central role in our social and economic life which makes sure that all people, no matter where they live, can share in the richness of the cultural life. There is plenty more work to be done and we don’t intend to waste a minute.

Are you Venture volunteer ? | Hobby volunteer | Hobby Activist | Creative Volunteer | Innovative Volunteer Activist

We consider creative, hobby and meaningful voluntarism for a better world, to be the global activist's sustainability standard for responsible social, ecological and economic sustainable development investment and we encourage our friends, fans, members, partners and sponsors to join our sustainability meaningful voluntarism programs.

The major challenge for the 21st century is to improve the sustainability situation of the majority and save as much of the planet as we can. But, you know, we have these entrenched entities - and I'm talking about both Conservative and Democrats - who believe that when you're elected to Mamadomia office/studio/workshop etc..., you become some kind of member of the privilege class, and that anyone who challenges you is attacking you and is not ethical. This is foolishness. There is good in everything; it's just how you choose to look at it. Life is meant to be a challenge, because challenges are what make us, you and all of us grow.

Meaningful Voluntarism can deliver a wealth of benefits.

If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best volunteer effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate difficulty and find you are ready for greater challenges.

Self-worth, great fun, friendships and job opportunities can all be part of getting involved with Mamadomia Group. Volunteering may be an outlet for your natural talents, a road-test for your new career, or simply a handy way to meet new friends. Your strong beliefs and values may also inspire you to volunteer.

We can help you find volunteer opportunities that match your interests, skills, abilities and values. We look forward in helping matching you meaningful voluntarism needs and wants in practice.




Meaningful Creative Voluntarism :) Mamadomia green business services  


Simple Smile Thrive in 60 sec.
Smile Real Time TransTelematics Flicks

Mamadomia  smile thrive development project

Yes - You Can.
People with passion can change the world for the better.

As associate you can create an online your own Fundraising Page for our 60 sec. smile thrive events, challenge, shows or celebrations and request contributions. Your contributions will be immediately receipted. Or you can go for the Mamadomia Children Vessel project, that is following up all sorts of innovative initiatives, events, tours, expeditions etc...

Now - Together,
Let's help humanity and life sustainability on earth thrive.

The earth is our mama and our domain

In short Mamadomia   (we create and patent it)

What does Sustainable Time Contribution mean?

Time contribution is our term for meaningful volunteering in sharing the benefit of the outcome. People can contribute time on a regular basis (e.g., once a week) and for a long-term project or they can volunteer online and only once or for a limited period of time. In any case, a sustainable time contribution always is: for the individual sustainable benefit and sustainable common good, voluntary sustainable smile thrive time share free of charge.

Hello people of the world,

We are inviting you to contribute just 1 minute of your idle time for the common benefit of humanity health, environment sustainability and emerging economy enterprises growth in enhancing eco-technological innovation in practice.

Everybody is welcome to contribute one minute of meaningful time any-time to distribute the Mamadomia Global Eco-Health Appeal to other people and organisations worldwide.

Thank you for your contribution,

Andy Freedman

NOT FOR PROFIT NPO/NGO Eco-Health Global Conglomerate Eco-Alliance for
Collaborative Pragmatic Cohesion Eco-Developments, Education and Fusion of Eco-Health Trade,
Exchange, Entrepreneurism, Freelancing and Meaningful Volunteerism Eco-Enterprises World Wide.
Challenging the known and embracing the unknown future of the civilizations

Mamadomia Meaningful Voluntarism Team,
Welcome's anyone from everywhere to participate in our international project involvement in     
Eco-Health Pragmatic Cohesion beyond borders and nations, cultures, religions and ideologies.
 Here's just a few of the goals that volunteering can help you achieve:

    A means of building self-esteem and confidence.
    A great way to learn and develop skills.
    A pathway to enhancing teamwork experience.
    To gain improved health and be more active.
    A way to meet new people and broaden your social and professional net.
    To make a difference in someone's life for good.
    A way of expressing gratitude for help you may have received in the past or 'giving back'.
    An opportunity to support a cause you feel strongly about.
    Feeling needed and valued is satisfying in itself.
    To make a difference within one's sustainability and eco-healthy community.


Are you ready to volunteer?

To help you decide how you'd like to get involved as a volunteer, ask yourself:

What do I enjoy? 
What skills and talents can I offer?
How can my skills and talents help the organisation?
What values and experiences would I like to share or explore?
What I am passionate about? 
Are you passionate about science challenges?
Are you venture volunteer?
Do you enjoy working online?

All interests, experience, and skills can find a kind of enjoyment. 

The most officiant way to do it, is to do it now.

Building the momentum

What happens next?


( 60 seconds submissions, enquiry, resumes, contacts, events info etc..... please use )

GlobalSmileThrive( at )gmail( dot )com

Phone:   0409 009 703,   08 9247 2312,   08 9341 8065,   08 9243 8960

While there is a competitive nature between the participants the event is 
to promote integration and health within a safe and fun filled environment. 

Welcome to the place where people come to connect, discover, and share.
Smile through pain, fear and sorrow, don't beg, take charity and borrow.

Here laugher connection is for healthy living and smile thrive. 
Connect with us and with many people as possible, smile, laugh and have fun.  

We are seeking meaningful volunteers to join our team as strategic management roles, divers variety of organisers, designers and experienced web developers. We are looking for the right people to grow and flourish with us.

 Meaningful Volunteers  

Personal contributions

Meaningful Volunteers are at the heart of Mamadomia team work. We could never produce the exceptional experiences, vital community, and essential tools that we so value without your contribution of time, energy, and expertise.

A personal contribution is a not for profit time contribution, which means that you have not claimed a taxation deduction for it. It is generally made from your after-tax time income or directly contributed from other time savings.

Please note that your total income may be different to your assessable income, as it includes any salary time arrangements you may have.

How to make a personal contribution

A quick and easy way to make personal time contributions directly into Your Smile Time Thrive Account (YSTTA) is via Mamadomia Membership Entry, your membership fee can be paid online or by phone.

All you need is Member ID and Personal Security Code ( with pin ) and your YSTTA Member Reference Number (MRN), which can be found on your member card, most recent member statement or by contacting us.

Having your time contribution rewarded directly out to your is a great way to manage your eco-friendly time contributions, co-contributions and contacts. Make sure your time-employer allows contributions to be deducted from your idel time.

You can also buy from Mamadomia Group Companies Shares to cover your contribution, shareholder and membership benefits.

Mamadomia International Eco-Schools Talent Development Projects are children and youths empowering talents to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in eco-fun, action-orientated accelerated learning activities, thoughtout eco-health friendly educational methodology in practice for talents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do you need my Smile Time GPS location coordinates?
If you don't supply your Smile Time GPS location coordinates numbers (GPS - Global Positioning System ) to us, we won't be able to accept your personal time contribution and you may miss out on the global smile time co-contribution.

What you need to know about supplying your Smile Time GPS location coordinates?
Under the international agreements, we are authorised within direct Agreement between YOU and US to collect your GPS location coordinates, which will only be used for lawful purposes. These purposes may change in the future as a result of legislative change.

We may disclose your GPS location coordinates to another TransTelematics provider, when your benefits are being transferred, unless you request in writing not to do so. It is not an offence if you don't quote your GPS location coordinates.

However, if you do not provide your location coordinates to us:

We will be unable to accept personal time contributions to your account(s)

A higher local tax rate may apply for certain location and types of time contributions.

Additional local tax will be deducted when you start drawing down your beneficiary time.

Do I need to apply for the co-contribution time benefit or payment?
No. If eligible, just make a personal time contribution to your account and lodge an income time return for the year of utilization.

How will I know when the co-contribution time has been received?
The organisation will send you notification of the co-contribution time, which will also appear on your not for profit member statement for the year that it was received by you.

Are personal time contributions and co-contributions subject to tax?
No, they are tax-free, these contributions are treated as not for profit non-concessional (after-tax) and are not taxed when either paid into your time fund or paid to you as a benefit. However, interest earned on these time funds is taxable.

What is the personal time contributions limit?
NPO NGO non-concessional time contributions are limited to: 60 sec per day, for individuals 60 sec per hour.

Want to learn more?
For more information regarding the trade in servicess time contribution and co-contribution scheme, please contact us or visit the website when is ready.

"A organisation's ability to survive and succeed in an increasingly competitive global arena depends on its ability to understand competitive dynamics and to enact strategic responses."
Prof. Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffe' Mamadomia Group Australia Public Foundation Are you Explorer or Exploiter ?

Nature Connected Opportunities

Global Eco-Schools Developments

Open Healing Eco-Health Academy

Open Healing Eco-Health Land (pollution free zone )

Eco-Health Trade in Services TransTelematics Alliance

Not For Profit Health Promotion Meaningful Voluntarism

Growing fruit trees and talent developments for healty and sustainable life.

Collaborative Meaningful Volunteerism

The benefits of Eco-Health Meaningful Voluntarism are numerous:
    Self satisfaction, Altruism etc...
    Recreational travel, challenges, adventures etc...  	
    Learning and acquisition of new knowledge skills and experience
    Special benefits for the receivers of meaningful efforts
    Socialization, healthy living and relaxation 
    Career opportunities, public status and reward
    Mother earth and humanity eco-health improvement

What are the benefits of volunteering? You'll broaden your own talents, skills and knowledge, expand your leadership skills, and grow your eco-health network of colleagues and friends. Plus, you'll have an added sense of accomplishment knowing you've contributed to the success and future of your personal development, human health and life sustainability on the mother earth.

How much time will it take? No matter how busy you are there are ways to participate. You choose the extent of your involvement depending on the time you have to give and your areas of interest.

How are volunteers selected? Calls for volunteers go out most often via Mamadomia Human Resources Hub. Board members and staff work together to establish strategic priorities for the association, and then recruit meaningful volunteers to accomplish the work of the association.

How do I find the right opportunity for me? There are many ways you can share your talents, knowledge and expertise. To identify the opportunity that's right for you, begin by checking and matching your talents, expertise and skills with our Volunteer Opportunities.

Mamadomia Eco-Health Group Directives

Matching, Uniting and Sharing the Interests is our key to every eco-project we are initiating, utilising and developing globally, regionally and locally in real time universal eco-health economic pragmatism of efficient human health, safety environment and green ecosystems solutions.

Mamadomia Group timeline strategic course

Acknowledge > Proact + Unite & Share = Prosperity *, is our core formula which we utilise in all of our eco-health project developments and concise way to solutions for real world problems.

Mamadomia Group viable conceptualisation

Responding, Proacting and Furthering the initiation, utilisation and development of combined multidisciplinary global, regional and local efforts, fusing multi-challenges the Eco-Health security, critical resources depletion, occurring environmental and human health challenging changes for ensuring a sustainable and secure future prosperity for generations to come.

Mamadomia Group principles of international engagement:

No conflict or confrontation, 
Mutual respect and 
Win-win global cooperation.

Mamadomia Group core assignment

Focusing primary on proactive awareness, experience, knowledge and talents recognition and exchange. We encourage people to take meaningful action to share the benefits in practice. We seek solutions through dialogue, mediation and co-operation. Achieving this by,

Developing necessary media, multimedia transtelematics for social network frameworks tools and means to exchange and share experience, knowledge and talents for common actions with our friends, associates, partners, sponsors, supporters, members and the general public.

Mamadomia Group Eco-Health Global Sustainability

Mamadomia Group Healingdom org is bringing and integrating together green economy developments experience exchange, technology cooperation, physicians, veterinarians, ecologists, economists, social scientists, planners and others to study and understand in practice how ecosystem changes affect human health and economy. Eco-Health group strives to provide innovative, practical solutions to reduce or reverse the negative health effects of ecosystem change.

Mamadomia orgs are continuously working to balance the global sustainability interests and encompass the Eco-Health multi-disciplinary strengths of the excellence in inovative research and Eco-Health education. People should really learn about how their health is tied so closely to the global environment.

The Mamadomia Eco-Health Group aims to advance sustainability research and practice, eco-knowledge integration at the interface of ecology, health and economy by initiating and promoting high quality eco-health global research and TransTelematics.

Oppose, Expose and Fight Eco-Health Poverty, Crime, and
any harmful eco-health bureaucracy, technocracy, environmental corruption and crime any everywhere at any time worldwile.

Fighting The environmental crime, Eco-Health bureaucracy, Technocracy and Corruption that eliberate or careless acts that harms people health and environmental sustainability, by
Promoting Global Sustainability Integrity in real time TranceTelematics procurement, is our starting with the end in mind of the eco-health harmful bureaucracy, technocracy and corruption is your and our primary social fight for the rights of Eco-Health and Sustainable Life for generations to come.

What's really important is that we think ahead. What is going to be the next eco-health safety net going forward? Eco-Economy is making it clear what it needs, and the changes that it needs to grow. People now have to start saying, "In this mobile world, what do we need? What's our health and enviroment safety net going to look like?"

That leaves, probably, the most important question to be answered. What happens to the money from reserve prices on natural eco-health resources? The money could, of course, be spent on many worthwhile projects, but the most beneficial use for it, by far, is to pay humanity a basic eco-health income - alleviating over half of the world's eco-health poverty in the process.

The impending depletion of natural eco-health resources and increase of climate-changing greenhouse gasses should motivate us to examine how eco-friendly geo-political, economic and social policies can benefit from green energy, eco-products and services.

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