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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Sustainable developments
for a better world thrive and :)


Trade Exchange | Communications | Mass media | Partnerships

Mamadomia Group – Open connectivity partnerships

Considering the three primary information networks of international relations – trade, personal communications and mass media. It is a triple paradigm shift converging on a common co-collaborative infrastructure for the first time in history.

Soon the majority of organisations, businesses and countries in the world will have a majority of their people connected to the Internet.

The open technological values that embrace open markets, open societies and open governments are the platform for the communications, collaboration, and commerce of the 21st century. More importantly, they are connecting people to people, to knowledge, and to global markets, social, economic and environmental open networks.

That raises a host of new issues and challenges for the real life and virtual sustainability development collaborative connectivity approaches, policies and programs that seek to leverage the power of information networks to support everything from improving ecology, healthcare and education to growing economies and expanding participation in broad range of organisations, corporates and governments networks and project initiatives connectivity.

Connectedness Cumulative Advantage
These changes are systemic and persistent. To respond adequately, we have built an adaptable agenda of 21st century collaborative connectedness that stretches across all of the work that we do.

None of us can sustain generative sustainability on our own. But if we connect, collaborate and work together, each of us focusing on what we are truly good at, we can not only sustain but advance cumulative advantage thrive and make all our businesses sustainable, more extensive and profitable than they were before.

Mamadomia Group International

Bridging The World Of Connectivity

Sustainable Common Future For Children, Talents, Youths And Wise

Bridges That Transcend Network Developments

Sustainable Social And Economic Eco-Health Equitable Environments Connectivity

Paths To Sustainable Development Future Thrive

Advancing Eco-Healthy Communities, Sufficient Economies and Eco-Friendly Environments Sustainability TransTelematics Scale-free networks.

Mamadomia Group Australia International PR Projects

The outcomes of the Decade projected to be seen in the lives of thousands of communities and millions of individuals as new attitudes and values inspire decisions and actions making sustainable development connectedness a more and more attainable pragmatic socio-economic Venture_PR ideal.

Sustainable Development Trade In Services TransTelematics, talent and young leadership exchange innovation initiatives, that will provide a sustainable platform for advancing children, talents and youth sustainable development of Australia and the countries within WTO, WHO, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) etc,,, To come together and foster sustainable developments, innovation and collaborative partnerships between the countries in the region.


Australia Europe

EU, Russia, Eurasia ( coming up - Freelancing and Environmentalism. Arts, innovation, travel and multicultural exchanges. )

Australia Americas

USA: ("cross-border trade in services" that provides suppliers with an open environment in which to conduct business ). TransTelematics Investments, Telecommunications and Financial services. Arts, innovation, travel, human rights sustainable freedoms and multicultural exchanges.

Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile: Young Talents, innovation and social venture multicultural mutual exchanges. Arts, business and multicultural exchanges.

Australia Asia

China: Bilateral people-to-people exchanges ( Freelancing and Environmentalism ). NGO International Youth exchange programs and collaboration. Early Childhood Learning - Children Partner Schools Programs. TransTelematic social market oriented trade in services venture enterprises services sectors including finance, education, culture and health. Young Leaderships Programs, Talent utilisation an innovation enterprises multicultural co-collaborative advancement. ) Arts and culture exchanges.

India: Partner Schools Programs, Young Leadership initiatives, Child and ageing health care. Freelancing and Environmentalism. Social venture investment and multicultural mutual exchanges. Arts trade and culture exchanges.

Korea, Japan, Russia: Innovation, investment and social venture multicultural mutual exchanges. Arts trade and culture exchanges.


Australia ASEAN ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations )

Open education, environmental security and crises situations collaborative advancements. Young Talents, child health care and social venture multicultural mutual exchanges. Arts and culture exchanges.

Australia New Zealand
Open education and eco-agriculture enhancements.

Meaningful Volunteerism Mamadomia green business services  


For The Benefit of Humanity Health and Life Sustainability on Earth.

Eco Culture, Economic and Eco-Health Education Relations
We're invested in each other. We want each other to succeed.

Making something good better



What's really important is that we think ahead.
What is going to be the next eco-health safety net going forward? Emerging Eco-Economy Indicators are making it clear what it needs, and the changes that it needs to grow. People now have to start saying, "In this dynamic world, what do we need? What's our health and enviroment safety net going to look like?"


Mamadomia USA Australia and China green business services

No country in the world is as economically dependent on China as Australia is. No other country in the world is as strategically important to Australia as the United States. We are a classic example of a country which wants to look both ways.

Today, America and China are Australia's largest trading partners. China has one of the largest foreign reserves in the world, and has invested in eco friendly companies to help meet the needs of their green economy developpments.

Mamadomia Group pays close attention to devote and create the connecting TransTelematics platform between America, Australia and China. It is based on the better development of eco-health trade in services, eco friendly talent exchange, eco-culture, education and technology between America, China and Australia.

Relations Draft Content

Mamadomia Public Relations is a TransTelematics performance-driven organisation whose purpose is to 
function as the public relations and communications hubs for small and medium-sized organisations 
seeking national and international real time eco-health communications. 
Our team of is experienced in positioning start-up NPOs as well as internationally recognized NGOs.

We listen, we explore, we discover solutions, and deliver communicational services and results.

The Meaningful Volunteer Relations  contributes to all aspects of our and supporter relations 
programmes, but with special responsibility for the eco-health and green planet volunteer strategy.

Eco PR TransTelematics Communications,
an eco-health public relations practice catering to the environmental, 
clean energy and sustainability green business... 
healthy relationships with the public to meet their goals.

Public Relations - Impact and Benefits

Eco-Health International Resource Exchange

Eco-Health Smart Cities cover sectors such as living, green architecture, community, health, education, security, transportation and environment. By sharing information resources, the movement will help create a new management eco-system.

Mamadomia Australia Public Foundation EcoHealth Alliance Org  

EcoHealth Alliance integrates innovative science-based solutions and partnerships that 
increase capacity to achieve two interrelated goals: protecting global health by preventing 
the outbreak of emerging diseases and safeguarding ecosystems by promoting conservation. 

Global Eco-Health Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Global Eco-Health Meaningful Cooperation

Global Eco-Health Meaningful Integration

Global Eco-Health Meaningful Voluntarism

Benefits of Meaningful Volunteerism

Collaborative Meaningful Volunteerism

The benefits of Eco-Health Meaningful Volunteerism are numerous:
    Self satisfaction, Altruism etc...
    Recreational travel, challenges, adventures etc...  	
    Learning and acquisition of new knowledge skills and experience
    Special benefits for the receivers of meaningful efforts
    Socialization, healthy living and relaxation 
    Career opportunities, public status and reward
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Security Matters
In order to protect our intellectual, source and core business rights and properties. Mamadomia Global Group will continue  appealing but not revealing its strategic business matters until the organisation security policy is attained as constituted.

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