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United In Vision, Mission and Practice
Collaborative Pragmatic Cohesion Sustainable Developments

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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Open sustainable developments
for a better world sustainability thrive - :)



Enhancing Children, Advancing Talents, Bridging Youths And Wise

Join the future - Join Mamadomia

Let's now Together,
Enhance Democracy,
Open market economy and
Free sustainability progress.

Make a Difference. - Impacting Change One Motion at a Time
We believe in enhancing real time dynamic sustainable expansions gain 21st century momentum. Help us, help you, Help us All build a coherent sustainable developments co-collaborative networks, stronger organisations and global socio-economic networks. Partnership, membership and shareholders and open source and core eco-health activism can help and advance sustainable developments for a better world.

Join us now and share the partnership.
Become beneficiary partner, member, associate, supporter or activist.

You'll be free, partnerships, you'll be free.
Sharing your ideas, talents, special abilities and creative skills.

Join us now and share the partnership.
Become venture investor, shareholder, sponsor or agent.

You'll be free, partnerships, you'll be free.
Sharing your knowledge, expertise, qualifications and pro-skills.

Online co-partnership collaborative dynamic relationships.

Partnerships | Membership | Shareholders | Sponsors | Co-Activists

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Not for Profit NPOs, NGOs Co-Partnership

Enhancing children, talents and young leadership sustainability advancement.

Eco-Healthy Children are Our Common Future and it is up to all of us to collaborate, cooperate and venture in common help, to support them find their way, to be sustainable, eco-healthy and more advanced.
In the context of Mamadomia Global Group Scale-Free Ideal Network, incorporated co-collaborative membership, shareholders, partnerships and investors involvement brings with it a range of cumulative benefits including joint venture representation, financial advice, relevant social venture services and other enterprises of practical value that are aimed at supporting children, talents, and youth sustainable development advancement.

Any Not for Profit NPO Organisations, NGOs, eco-health societies and clubs are welcome to join Mamadomia Group as a co-partner in the sustainability development programs.

Not-for-profit NPO, NGO and charitable organisations are now able to participate in our fundraising initiative and deals program designed to boost awareness and bottom lines appeals and reduce operating marketing costs for all involved.

NPO - NGOs who become co-partners in The Children and Eco-Health sustainability care programs are able to apply and receive financial dividends for recommendations and referrals as well as access the deals on offer for their own organisation. To become a co-partner of The Eco-Health Sustainability Care Program costs nothing.

Freelancing, Entrepreneurs and Business Co-Partnership

Progressing Sustainability - Advancing The Progress

Join now as an independent business co-partner and help the sustainability development community. Any business is entitled to access our special business deals. There is no catch. Join for free to access The Open Sustainability Care co-partner program deals today!

Join us now and share the thrive. You'll be free, partners, you'll be free.
Join the Mamadomia global group and be part of the international sustainability development community. Take part in international missions, events, programs, project initiatives, tours etc.... The global joint venture open group sustainability network impacting the world for the better, through enhancing children, talents and young leadership development ...

We Work Globally. Why wait? Partner with us.
Open partnership and membership are free and all ways will be free.

Become a fully accredited member today!
For just as little as membership prepossessing fee, you can access standard membership privileges such as:

- Voting rights, opportunity to become a shareholder and progress up.
- Exclusive offers, valuable investment and business deals, special membership discounts.
- Access to Open Exchange. Opportunity to get involve in various projects and program initiatives, broad range of business and trade in services special offers, commercial promotions and discounts, including frequent member values.
- Personal satisfaction and confidence that you are supporting the global and local sustainability development and eco-health carers for eco-healthy children, talents and youths enhancements and eco friendly environment for people of all ages.
- Mamadomia Children Fund, sustainability investment and insurance opportunity eligibility.

Mamadomia Global Partnership exists to empower people all over the world to do great things and change their lives-inside and out in sustainable way. Join us on our journey! Mamadomia Children Vessel Project, exchange knowledge, talents and good deeds, take a eco tours has a vision that meaningful, socially responsible co-collaboration, can and does, change the world.

Become a Co-collaborative Partner and work with us to build the Mamadomia Sustainability Movement of the future online. We are now actively recruiting volunteers partner organisations throughout the glob to work with us in communicating the strategic benefits of joining the global children sustainability community, and in delivering localised support.

Venture Enterprising Corporate Co-Partnership ( coming soon )

We work hard to provide our loyal partners, shareholders, investors and members a vast range of benefits, services and products in the interests of our members, to allow exclusivity to our Corporate Partners.

For further information regarding Corporate Partnerships with Carers Queensland please contact the Manager for marketing, promotions and fundraising.

Social Media Meshing TransTelematics ( coming soon )

The role of new open media in public diplomacy has gone from virtually non-existent to standard practice. This is the beginning of a new era in open direct diplomacy engagement that dramatically broadens global open young leadership youth participation.

To make progress, simply fill out the relevant form to register online your interest or contact us directly.

Venture volunteers | Hobby volunteers | Hobby activist | Hobby creativist joint projects open opportunity.

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Security Matters
In order to protect our intellectual, source and core business rights and properties. Mamadomia Global Group will continue  appealing but not revealing its strategic business matters until the organisation security policy is attained as constituted.

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